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Your patients are ready to use mobile apps to monitor and improve their health. They may even be asking you about apps. But with more than 165,000 health-related apps on the market, which will actually help you support your patient?
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Why Practical Apps?

Dr. Ed Brown, CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network,
on apps, chronic disease and primary care.

The Practical Apps Process

How we choose and review mobile health apps
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Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Practical Apps #7

Dr. Farahnaz Daya
Toronto, Ontario

As clinicians, we have all had the experience of walking into an exam room when the only note on the chart reads “women’s issue”. Menstrual histories are notoriously filled with inaccuracy and are challenging for the patient and physician to gather. Wouldn’t it be great if our patient could easily and accurately track her periods? And she happened to have this data with her? Enter the era of smartphone menstrual tracking apps.

What Experts Say

Watch our interview with leading specialist Dr. Kirkham regarding menstruation.

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Practical Apps is a collaboration between the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Primary Care (WIHV).

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Practical Apps is a collaboration between OTN and WIHV.

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