Your patients are not just living longer – they’re living longer with chronic conditions. To make the best of it, they need to be empowered to look after themselves. It just so happens we have an app for that.

Practical Apps is dedicated to giving patients the tools they need to look after their health in collaboration with you, their primary care provider. On your behalf, here we take a critical look at mobile health apps to figure out which can actually help patients and which are just digital snake oil.

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Dr. Ed Brown, CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network,
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Changing Behaviour with Apps

Practical Apps #12

Dr. Payal Agarwal

Dr. Payal Agarwal
Toronto, Ontario

This review is the first of two that focus on apps designed in Canada for Canadians. The growth of mobile health apps provides an exciting opportunity to support healthy behaviour changes that take advantage of digital technology. The vast majority of health and wellness apps on the market, however, are made by large private companies, usually targeted to the U.S. or international market. Although these may still provide benefit to Canadians, there are often factors that don’t quite fit a Canadian context. This review and the next are all-Canadian efforts to promote healthy behaviours. Among those reviewed, Carrot Rewards is especially promising as it integrates with popular fitness trackers to offer Canadians tangible rewards for improving their health.

Practical Apps is a collaboration between the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Primary Care (WIHV).

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Practical Apps is a collaboration between OTN and WIHV.

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