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Your patients are ready to use mobile apps to monitor and improve their health. They may even be asking you about apps. But with more than 165,000 health-related apps on the market, which will actually help you support your patient?

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Dr. Ed Brown, CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network,
on apps, chronic disease and primary care.

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Chronic Pain

Practical Apps #9

Dr. Stephen Pomedli

Dr. Stephen Pomedli
Toronto, Ontario

Chronic pain is a complex experience, with multiple causes, huge variations in symptoms and many factors and treatment modalities that may better, worsen or not affect the pain at all. This can make monitoring and reducing pain quite challenging [1, 2].

The apps reviewed excelled in different ways: Manage My Pain and Chronic Pain Tracker feature strong reporting functions that reflect the complexity of chronic pain and communicate to physicians in an effective way. Pain Coach provides information and techniques to support self-management, while CatchMyPain has a strong online support community. Thus, each might help different patients in different ways.

their symptoms.

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Practical Apps is a collaboration between the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Primary Care (WIHV).

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Practical Apps is a collaboration between OTN and WIHV.

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